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Get the Best 4D Scan with Ultrasound Plus

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See your baby in a gorgeous 4D video with Ultrasound Plus; our team specialises in offering 4D ultrasound scans that allow you to have a sneak peek at your baby’s face. We offer 3D and 4D ultrasound scan packages so that you can choose the proper scan for you and your baby. Using high-frequency sound waves, our 4D scans are the perfect way to see your fetal growth, hear your baby’s heartbeat and be rest assured your baby is growing.

4D baby scans give you more of a detailed view of your baby moving around in real-time, while 3D scans offer lifelike images of your baby. Neither type of scan is harmful to you or your baby. They’re a similar intensity to a 2D ultrasound scan, only they open up a new way to experience and cherish the joy of your baby’s growth and development.

All of our 4D baby scans are performed by professional sonographers who have extensive obstetric scanning experience. We recommend that you pass any notes made during your scan on to your GP/healthcare provider to ensure a healthy pregnancy all around. For example, if we believe your estimated fetal measurements are below what we would expect, or if we notice something, we will share our findings with you. 

Ultrasound scans are an excellent way for us to use ultrasound imaging to check on your baby’s size, provide a well-being check, and allow you a window to your womb; a 4D HD scan is also the perfect gift. Why not book your 4D pregnancy scans at one of our clinics? You can find them in the following locations; London, Brentwood, Birmingham, Watford, Leicester and Kingston upon Thames. Our healthcare professional will take great care of you and your fetal well being.

What is the purpose of a 4D scan?

Our 4D scans provide real-time videos of your unborn baby, while our 3D scans show you lifelike images. Our team at Ultrasound Plus always makes sure our scan room is comfortable, and you won’t feel rushed. 

Not only that, but a 4D baby scan can pick up on abnormalities in growth. Having a private baby scan is always an exciting time, and should anything upon the 4D scans we offer, you will always have a professional member of staff there with you.

We’ll measure the baby’s growth and compare this to the expectations to determine their gestational age. We can also measure the baby’s foetal weight at current gestation. We’ll also identify the baby’s position and confirm whether you’re having a boy or girl if you like. Please remember that should anything come up through the ultrasound imaging or 4D scan, we will make sure to explain it to you so that you can discuss this with your midwife or doctor before the birth.

Book now or email info@ultrasoundplus.co.uk for more information about this scan.

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*Please Note for Multiple Pregnancies, there is an additional charge of £25 added to your package

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What happens if my baby does not pose for the 3D/4D scan?

It can be complicated to get the baby in precisely the right place; this is even more important with a 4D scan. It may take up to 30 minutes to get the baby to move to different angles that we can work with to get you the best 4D scans possible. If we carry out the scan and your placenta is sitting at the front of your womb, unfortunately, this can affect how your baby’s face can be seen. But our team will always try our hardest to get the best scan for you.

One of the things we may ask is to take a short walk or go and get a hot drink. This will try and persuade your baby to move to a more favourable position. If, for whatever reason, we are unable to complete the scan on the day you have booked your 4D scan, we will invite you back at a later date to have the 4D scan performed again.

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Here at Ultrasound Plus, our team of professional sonographers can offer you 4D pregnancy scans of your baby in several clinics; the location of these clinics are; London, Brentwood, Birmingham, Watford, Leicester, and Kingston Upon Thames. Should you want to take a closer look at your baby before they are born, you need to give our team a call today. We can provide you with fetal growth measurements, check on the baby’s well being and also at the same time check on you as the mother.

Depending on the baby’s position, we may or may not be able to get an accurate 4D scan straight away, or even on the same day; please try and remember to drink plenty of water before the appointment, so you have a full bladder. It makes the 4D scans easier to carry out. Book an appointment for your 4D scan today.

Book now or email info@ultrasoundplus.co.uk for more information about this scan.

4D Scan FAQs

We strive to be as accurate as we can at the Ultrasound Plus clinics. Our foetal weight analysis is an estimate that’s based on a variety of measurements taken during your 4D scan. They should be taken as a guideline for your baby’s weight.
We recommend having a 4D ultrasound between 24 & 36 weeks. So, you can have a 4D scan if you’re over 33 weeks. Note: the best pictures are taken between 27 and 32 weeks.
To obtain the clearest 4D footage of your baby, it’s important that you have plenty of fluids in your system. Double your usual water intake before you visit us for your scan.
We have a team of specialist Sonographers and Consultants with years of experience who will conduct your 4D scan. Feel free to ask them questions at any time.
If you have hospital notes from previous appointments, please bring them to your 4D ultrasound scan. This will help our Sonographers decide whether a referral is necessary.
Yes, you do. Our private 4D ultrasound scans are designed to complement your NHS scans, not replace them.
If the Sonographer/Consultant conducting your scan determines that you need to be referred for further treatment, you will be responsible for notifying your GP/Healthcare provider.
We can accommodate up to 5 guests during your 4D ultrasound scan. Seeing your baby is a special moment that you want to share, so don’t worry. Please let us know if you plan to bring guests or children with you so we can prepare.

A 4D scan, also known as a 4D ultrasound, is a type of prenatal scan that uses sound waves to create a moving image of the foetus. It typically involves a transvaginal or transabdominal ultrasound, and allows for a detailed view of the foetus in real-time.

4D scans can typically be performed during the second trimester of pregnancy, typically between 24 and 32 weeks.

Some of the advantages of having a 4D scan include being able to see the foetus’ movements and facial expressions, allowing parents to bond with the baby before birth, and being able to detect certain abnormalities or potential issues with the pregnancy.

4D scans are generally considered safe for both the mother and the baby, as they do not use ionising radiation and only involve the use of sound waves.

A 4D scan typically shows detailed images of the foetus including movements, facial expressions, and sometimes hands and feet.

4D scans are not intended to be used as a diagnostic tool, but it can detect some abnormalities or potential issues with the pregnancy.

A 4D scan typically takes between 15-20 minutes. 

During the scan, the practitioner will apply a gel to your abdomen, which helps to transmit the sound waves and create a clear image. You will be able to see the images on a monitor during the scan.

Practitioners who perform 4D scans are typically trained ultrasound technologists or sonographers.

There is no specific preparation needed before a 4D scan. You may want to wear clothing that allows easy access to your abdomen.

There are usually no aftercare instructions to follow after a 4D scan. It is a non-invasive procedure and you can go back to your daily activities right after the scan.

4D Ultrasound Scans

“We have now had 3 scans at the Brentwood branch, and the staff are lovely! This has been our favourite private clinic.. the sonographer Teresa is lovely, she explains everything in so much detail and doesn’t rush through the scan! No doubt we will be back again before our baby comes.”

Hayley Kitt

An Amazing Experience with Ultrasound Plus 4D Scan

Ultrasound Plus is the perfect place to experience a 4D scan. Our fully qualified sonographers will provide you with an amazing experience that you will never forget. With our 4D scans, you can get a detailed view of your baby and even see them smiling or yawning. We also offer presentation scans, placental site scans, and bonding scans to help you bond with your baby.

Our 4D scans are perfect for those expecting more than one baby. With our advanced technology, we can provide you with a detailed view of each baby and its individual features. You can even see them interacting with each other in the womb.

We understand that this is a special time for you and your family. That’s why we strive to make your experience as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Our sonographers are highly trained and experienced in providing the best care for you and your baby.

We also offer a range of packages to suit your needs and budget. Whether you’re looking for a basic scan or a more detailed scan, we have something for everyone. We also offer discounts for multiple scans, so you can save money while still getting the best care for your baby.

We are committed to providing you with an amazing experience that you will never forget. Our 4D scans are the perfect way to bond with your baby and create lasting memories. With our fully qualified sonographers and advanced technology, you can be sure that you’re getting the best care for your baby.