About Ultrasound Plus
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About Ultrasound Plus – Your Private Healthcare Clinic

Ultrasound Plus was established as a private clinic to offer glowing expectant parents the intimate experience of seeing their baby in stunning lifelike vision. We did this using the latest ultrasound technology, and over the years we have gradually expanded to provide a wide and varied range of different healthcare ultrasound scanning services. 

It is our ambition to provide a personal experience in our private clinics which work alongside the NHS. We have a team of friendly specialist Sonographers, Consultants and clinic assistants which are fully qualified and experiences, with most currently working within the NHS.

Ultrasound Plus works to provide a friendly and welcoming ultrasound experience for expectant parents or those who would like a healthcare check-up in our private clinic. Our private healthcare and pregnancy clinics can be found across the UK, including London, Essex, Hertfordshire and Birmingham.

We are also registered with the Care Quality Commission, which governs all independent clinics. To maintain this merit, we have undergone annual inspections by the Commission and have successfully met all of the standards needed, so you can be sure you will receive a safe and quality experience within our clinics.

Private Pregnancy Scans

Make your pregnancy even more special by watching them grow at each stage of gestation. You can also take these magical moments from your scan home with you, with everything from 3D images to 4D DVD footage available at our private health clinic.

Our Private Clinics

Visit our clinics page to find an Ultrasound Plus clinic near you. Our clinics cover a wide area of the South and South East region in the UK. We provide an additional and more intimate service which works alongside the NHS.