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Call us to book on 0203 960 7960

Our lines are open everyday from
8:30am – 9:30pm

Call us to book on 0203 960 7960

Our lines are open everyday from
8:30am – 9:30pm

Private Early Pregnancy Scan In The UK

Experience the reliable and non-invasive way to detect early pregnancy with Ultrasound Plus. Confirm a pregnancy and the gestation age early on on your pregnancy journey. Don’t wait—book online now and take control of your pregnancy journey.

Early Reassurance Scan

Early Pregnancy Scan: £80

Available from 6 to 8 weeks gestation, our Early Pregnancy Scan is vital for early reassurance. It confirms pregnancy, determines gestational age, and provides an estimated due date. This viability or early pregnancy scan is an essential first step in your prenatal journey.

What does our early pregnancy scan include?

  • A dating and assessment report
  • Two 2D black and white images in a mounted card frame
  • A possible transvaginal/internal scan if views are not clear
  • 15 minute appointment
  • No GP referral required

Please note:
We only scan patients over the age of 18 years. For multiple pregnancies, there is an additional charge of £25

Available from 6 to 8 weeks gestation, early pregnancy reassurance scans, also known as viability or dating scan, will confirm a pregnancy and the gestation age. We will also provide you with an estimated due date (EDD) at an early pregnancy ultrasound scan.
When you receive your first positive pregnancy test, we understand how much you will want an ultrasound scan to check everything is okay. We believe that having a scan during early pregnancy is the right choice; it is available to all women and is recommended for those experiencing pain, do not know when their last menstrual period was or to see if the pregnancy is in the correct place (uterus).

Early pregnancy scans can be carried out from 6 weeks gestation; however, we would only recommend this to women advised to do so by their GP. Pregnancy ultrasound scans are perfectly safe, providing you with gestational age and accurate results.

You can make an appointment for a private early ultrasound scan In The UK. An early scan will put your mind at ease.

Have you just found out you’re expecting?

Make it all feel real with our early pregnancy scan from just 6 weeks gestation. Our comfortable private clinic will help make this time even more unique, allowing you to see your pregnancy. Before the six-and-a-half-week mark, we may not be able to see a foetal pole or heartbeat, but a further ultrasound scan will detect this.

Our private early baby scan is recommended if you’re experiencing pain, have a history of miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, IVF treatment, or long-term medical conditions. All the baby scans are performed by qualified sonographers who are experienced in the obstetric scanning area.

If this is your first pregnancy, don’t forget you need a full bladder when you come for your first scan, as this is how we can obtain clearer images for you. We recommend that you drink at least one pint (0.5ltr) of water before your scan, so it’s easier for us to see a clear view. If possible, please refrain from emptying your bladder just before your scan. Routinely a trans-vaginal scan will be offered if it is too early.

Keepsakes You Can Take Home After Your Scan With Us

Book Your Pregnancy Scan Now

Booking Process:

If you're looking for an amazing and comfortable private pregnancy scan experience, Ultrasound Plus has you covered.  Simply book your appointment online or call us at 0203 960 7960.

We understand the importance of convenience, offering appointments during weekdays, evenings, and weekends to accommodate your schedule. Trust Ultrasound Plus for a seamless booking experience and take the first step towards peace of mind.

Finding Our Ultrasound Clinic Near You:

Locating your nearest Ultrasound Plus clinic is effortless. With locations across the country, including East London (Docklands), Watford, Essex (Brentwood), Birmingham, Kingston, Leicester, and Northampton, you can choose the clinic nearest to you and easily schedule your ultrasound scan or test with Ultrasound Plus.

Should you require assistance in identifying the closest clinic, don't hesitate to call us, and our friendly agents will be happy to assist you. Alternatively, you can browse our interactive map located at the bottom of the page for added convenience. Trust Ultrasound Plus for accessible and reliable ultrasound services tailored to your needs.

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Our Commitment

Anyone searching for ultrasound places in the UK need not look any further than the Ultrasound Plus. Our clinics are equipped with state-of-the-art ultrasound technology, which allows us to offer pregnancy scans, musculoskeletal scans, gynaecology scan, other general scans and even DNA Tests.

Quality Assurance

We take your health and safety seriously. Ultrasound Plus is governed by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), ensuring that we meet and exceed all necessary standards for independent clinics. We undergo annual inspections to maintain this prestigious accreditation, offering you peace of mind during your visit.