Egg Donation
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Here at IVF Plus, we provide professional services by which individuals and couples can gain access to donor eggs to enhance the chances of pregnancy. Our egg donation services enable women to get pregnant during the following situations: when the egg quality is low, during early menopause, aged between 43-50, diagnosed with chromosomal abnormalities or genetic disorders, which makes the outcome of pregnancy problematic or impossible. Also sub acute couples in which the woman underwent chemotherapy, resulting in no ovarian hormonal stimulation.

The proper screening and preparation of the recipient is a decisive factor in the success of the egg donation program.

If you are interested in gaining access to an Egg Donation method, IVF Plus can help.

Initial Pre treatment Assessment & Consultations
Preliminary tests for Woman
Full blood count & type, HIV, Hepatitis B&C, Syphilis, Toxoplasma IgM/igG, Rubella IgM/IgG, CMV, AMH, TSH, Chlamydia

Cervical Smear
Preliminary tests for Men
Full blood count & type, HIV, Hepatitis
B&C, Syphilis
Sperm Analysis
Sperm culture
Initial Consultation
Includes pre-treatment scan
Follow up Consultation
If Required
Egg Donation IVF Treatment Package
Consultation, Egg Collection under sedation, sperm preparation, fertilisation, embryo culture and embryo transfer
Additional Costs
Embryo freezing and natural storage fee (if required)

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