Endometrial Lining Scan
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Endometrial Lining Scan

When it comes to needing an internal pelvic ultrasound scan, you are in the right place; Ultrasound Plus can offer you private endometrial thickness ultrasound services that are fully comprehensive. You can come along for an ultrasound appointment at one of our clinics; you will find us in the following locations; London, Brentwood, Birmingham, Watford, Leicester, and Kingston upon Thames. This service is used to assess the structure and thickness of your endometrial cavity or womb lining.

Our team of sonographers use advanced ultrasound scans to complete a detailed scan and ultrasound report, this will determine the shape of your endometrial, thickness levels, and if there are any pathology problems such as fibroids, polyps or anything else, we will find it. Our professional service will provide you with everything you need to know; all you need to do is get in touch to make an appointment. An extremely friendly and professional sonographer carries out our ultrasound scans, be sure to get your appointment booked today.

Internal Pelvic Ultrasound Scan & Endometrial Thickness Scan

If you see a fertility specialist, they may recommend your come for an internal pelvic ultrasound scan to provide you with an endometrial thickness ultrasound scan; this monitors the lining of your womb. As part of visiting a fertility clinic, this will help when you have an embryo transferred during fertility services.

Our endometrial thickness scan measures the size, shape and condition of your womb lining; having this ultrasound will help with fertility treatment in the future. This scan is carried out as a transvaginal scan to get the best line ultrasound scans. If you have any existing medical conditions, please make sure you let us know before the scan is carried out.

This scan provides real-time images so our sonographer can observe any abnormalities in your endometrial lining. If you do, it will show up on your ultrasound scan and could also affect your menstrual cycle, ability to get pregnant and more.

What does an endometrial lining scan include?

Our endometrial lining scan includes:
only £110.00

(Includes booking deposit of £30)

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What is the purpose of an endometrial lining scan?

Our endometrial lining scan is commonly used for two purposes:

Our endometrial lining scan is commonly used for two purposes, analysing the thickness of the endometrium before IVF treatment and identifying the presence and position of an intrauterine contraceptive device (IUD or coil).

If you require a female sonographer or a consultant, please speak with one of our advisors at the time of your booking.

What are the indications or reasons for having the Endometrial Lining Scan?

  • If you are ongoing IVF treatment, your fertility treatment centre has recommended an endometrial lining scan to see if you are at the optimum time for IVF embryo transfer or have treatment pending the endometrial thickness scan.
  • If you are trying to get pregnant naturally, a private endometrial thickness ultrasound will show you ready to conceive in the same way blood tests can. This is not always necessary as usually, it is easy enough to work out when you are ovulating.

What Preparation Is Required?

  • Please come with a full bladder first and then the sonographer will ask you to empty your bladder before you come for a transvaginal ultrasound, making it more comfortable for you. 
  • You can still come for an endometrial thickness ultrasound scan when you are on your period; all you need to do is remove your pad/tampon beforehand.
  • You will be requested to remove the bottom half of your clothes so that we can access your vagina for the scan.

Remember, if you are in the middle of fertility treatment; you should always follow your doctor’s recommendations, including taking any medications.

What is a transvaginal ultrasound scan?

There is a range of gynaecological ultrasound services that are routinely performed using a transvaginal probe ultrasound. One of these is our private endometrial thickness ultrasound; we do this by a technique known as ultrasound used to view the pelvic area in the best way; this is because the ultrasound can use high-frequency sound waves to create a perfect image on a computer screen.

There is no clinical risk associated with performing a transvaginal ultrasound scan. Transvaginal ultrasound scans can safely be performed during menstruation and episodes of vaginal bleeding; all we ask is that you come to your appointment with a full bladder then the sonographer will ask you to empty your bladder.

It is essential that you understand the procedure that is associated with this ultrasound scan service;

  • The ultrasound transducer will be covered with a transvaginal probe cover and coated in jelly and placed inside the vagina; please do not worry; this probe is cleaned with a high-grade medical tristel duo disinfectant.
  • We will move the transducer from side to side, up and down as needed to obtain the most images of your endometrial cells.
  • If you feel more comfortable doing so, we can discuss you are inserting the transducer yourself. Otherwise, our sonographer will do it.
  • You can have a chaperone if you require one.
  • You can request for the endometrial thickness scan to stop at any time.
only £110.00

(Includes booking deposit of £20)

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Book now or email info@ultrasoundplus.co.uk for more information about this scan, our team here at Ultrasound Plus are more than happy to talk to you. We can make you an appointment at any one of our clinic locations, and these are in the following; London, Brentwood, Birmingham, Watford, Leicester, and Kingston upon Thames. Whether you have this scan as a reassurance scan to help with your pregnancy ventures or for peace of mind that your endometrial thickness scan measures are correct, we can help you.

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Endometrial Lining FAQs

If you are having a trans vaginal scan you need to ensure your bladder is empty prior to your appointment. If you are having a trans abdominal scan you will need to make sure your bladder is full. If this is the case, you should drink roughly one pint of water before your appointment.
Our sonographers here at Ultrasound Plus are trained in gynaecological ultrasounds. They are accredited by one of the following; The Health Professional Council, The General Medical Council or The Society of Radiographers. They also work in NHS jobs alongside their role here at Ultrasound Plus.
The lower part of your abdomen will need to be exposed and you may need to remove your trousers. We recommend wearing something comfortable and loose fitting. You may need to change into a gown if not.
Please bring any hospital notes you have with you (if you have them). This will help our sonographers if you do require a referral.
Yes, our sonographers will give you results based on their own professional opinion. During your appointment, in any event of a medical referral being required, we will discuss this with you and provide a full report for you to take with you to your GP/healthcare provider. Please note, our scans shouldn’t replace any of your NHS scans.
We recommend you get in touch with your medical insurance company prior to your scan to confirm that they are willing to cover the costs. We will provide you with an invoice for your endometrial scan after you’ve paid for it. It is then up to you to make a claim with your medical insurance company.