Fibroid Scan
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Fibroid Scan

Have you been wondering whether or not you have uterine fibroids? It could be that your mother, grandmother or sister has been diagnosed with having them previously, or you are high risk and would like to check if you already have them. If you want to have an ultrasound scan, you can get in touch with our team here at Ultrasound Plus; we are more than happy to discuss your specific needs and enquiries. Once you have had the ultrasound scan, we can diagnose fibroids, meaning your doctor may be able to offer some form of treatment. 

The fibroid treatment you will be recommended depends on what our team of sonographers find when we do the ultrasound images, make sure you get in touch today to find out more. Ultrasound Plus prides itself on offering resonance imaging to a range of patients; because of this, we ensure clinics are available in a handful of locations. These are as follows; London, Brentwood, Birmingham, Watford, Leicester, and Kingston upon Thames.

Uterine Fibroids & Intramural Fibroids

A fibroid ultrasound scan may be recommended for you if your GP suspects you may have fibroids. Fibroids are benign growths that can develop around the womb and are commonly found in women of reproductive age. They can also cause problems within the uterine cavity; having a routine pelvic exam or ultrasound pelvic exam will highlight large fibroids and fibrous connective tissue. 

Once fibroids develop, you will need treatment for them, most women will develop fibroids at some point in life, and they are more common in older women. Treatment options are available and do vary depending on the different types of fibroid diagnosis you are given.

There are four different types of fibroids we will look out for during your scan. These are:

–   Intramural wall of womb fibroids (most common)

–   Sub serosal outside womb wall

–   Submucosal fibroids are found in the muscle beneath the lining of the womb wall

–   Cervical wall of the cervix (womb neck)

— Subserosal fibroids

What does a fibroid ultrasound scan include?

Our fibroid scan includes:
only £110.00

(Includes booking deposit of £30)

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What is the purpose of a fibroid scan?

The purpose of a fibroid ultrasound is to detect any growths which may have developed around the womb. Some symptoms of fibroids may be heavy periods which can last a long time, swelling in your tummy or pressure/pain in your pelvis. If you are struggling to get pregnant, fibroids can cause infertility, so it may be advised that you have a scan. If you require a female sonographer or a consultant, please speak with one of our advisors at the time of your booking.

If you are looking to find out if you have uterine fibroids, you have come to the right place; using an ultrasound probe, we can carry out a pelvic exam and diagnose whether you have fibroids and whether or not you have large fibroids. A routine pelvic exam will sometimes bring these up, especially when discussing painful periods or heavy periods, but generally, a fibroid diagnosis is carried out after an ultrasound imaging test.

Treating Fibroids

How are uterine fibroids treated?

Once you have been diagnosed with fibroids, it is more than likely your doctor will determine a treatment plan; this will help smooth muscle cells and reduce pelvic pain in most cases and also reduce any heavy bleeding you are having. Your doctor may recommend waiting before starting any treatment options as some women find that their fibroids go away first.

Sometimes your doctor will decide to provide treatment for your fibroids; uterine fibroids will be treated for several reasons, and depending on the types of fibroids, these reasons are;

  • Uterine Fibroids are causing your pain
  • Your age
  • Fertility plans for the future
  • Number and size of fibroids found
  • Previous fibroid treatments
  • Other health conditions

Complications Of Uterine Fibroids?

Most women will find that they have had fibroids for several years without even knowing about them, and it is very uncommon for them to cause any severe health consequences if left untreated. However, women can experience heavy bleeding, which could lead to anaemia or a complete lack of red blood cells.

It can happen where large fibroids can cause pressure on the bladder and the ureter, which is the part of your body that send urine to the kidneys, which in turn could lead to kidney damage, but it must be said these health conditions are infrequent.

only £110.00

(Includes booking deposit of £20)

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Book now or email for more information about this scan, our team at Ultrasound Plus are more than happy to help you in any way we can. Our sonographers will be able to carry out the ultrasound scan and provide you with a full report to take back to your GP; because of this, Ultrasound Plus is the first choice for many regarding private ultrasound services. To find out more, please give one of our team members a call today. We will be more than happy to talk to you.

Fibroid Scan FAQs

There are no restrictions that you cannot eat or drink before your fibroid scan.
All of our sonographers are qualified with diagnostic gynaecology ultrasound scanning experience and are accredited by either the Health Professional Council, The General Medical Council or Society of Radiographers and also work within the NHS alongside their role within Ultrasound Plus.
No, each scan is dependent on each individual’s examination. However, an internal investigation can provide clearer views and will be discussed with you by the Sonographer before proceeding with the internal examination and obtain your consent.
We advise that you wear something light, airy and baggy. Otherwise, you may need to change into a gown if necessary.
Please bring along your hospital notes (if you have been given them) and reports to assist out Sonographers if a referral is required.
Please note, our scans do not replace any of your NHS scans. During your appointment, in any event of a medical referral being required, we will discuss this with you and provide a full report for you to forward on to your health practitioner.
Yes, our services are a complementary service, which works alongside the NHS.
We advise all of our customers to advise their GP/Healthcare provider know of their intention to have a scan with us. On arrival at Ultrasound Plus we will ask you to complete a registration form, where your GP/Healthcare provider details will be requested. If from the fibroid scan there shows a need to contact or share any information regarding your scan, you are responsible for providing the report to your GP/Healthcare provider.
We will provide you with an invoice after you pay Ultrasound Plus directly for your fibroid scan. This can be used to make a claim with your insurance company, but this is between you and the insurance company. We would advise you check this prior to your scan to avoid disappointment.
We are happy for family and friends to attend and we are able to accommodate up to 5 people with the patient. Children are welcome too.