Follicle Tracking Scan
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Follicle Tracking Scan

If you have been looking for a company that can offer your follicle tracking ultrasound scans, you have come to the right place; our team at Ultrasound Plus is on hand whenever you need us to help with fertility treatment procedures that involve ultrasound scans. Having offered follicle tracking scans for several years, we are the first choice for many patients undergoing fertility treatment such as IVF treatment.

To book an appointment, all you need to do is get in touch with one of our professional sonographers; we can offer your medical ultrasound services that are second to none. Offering reassurance scans, transvaginal scans and further scans when needed, we can cover all the bases you need.

You can also find clinics in a range of locations; London, Brentwood, Birmingham, Watford, Leicester, and Kingston upon Thames. Give us a call today if you would like to book an ultrasound scan with our team today.

What Are Follicle Tracking Ultrasound Scans?

If you have been seeing a fertility specialist, you might have heard the term follicle already; it is regularly discussed in pregnancy scans when trying to get pregnant. A follicle is a fluid-filled sac that contains the egg; we can perform a follicle tracking scan between the sixth and ninth day of your menstrual cycle. We can see if your body is ready for IVF treatment; it is a sign that you can stimulate ovulation if we see what we are looking for.

The ultrasound probe used is perfect for a transvaginal scan, and once the scans are performed, we can tell if you have any active follicles, the critical message you need to pass back to your fertility specialist.

Here at Ultrasound Plus, we recommend having three follicle tracking scans carried out using an ultrasound scan machine; this is ideal for all areas of fertility treatment; this needs to be done during one menstrual cycle.

When we carry out the ultrasound scan, we will make sure you are given a full ultrasound report with our findings, believe it or not, but an ultrasound scan is much more accurate than blood tests and other tests on the market today.

only £110.00

(Includes booking deposit of £30)

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What does a follicle tracking scan include?

Our follicle tracking scan includes:

What is the purpose of a follicle tracking scan?

The purpose of a follicle tracking scan is to accurately predict when you may expect ovulation which will help increase the chance of the egg becoming fertilized. This form of ultrasound is regularly recommended during a fertility treatment course; the scan is performed by a professional sonographer who can look and determine whether or not you are at the proper follicular growth for your ovaries to be fertilised.

A transvaginal/internal scan may be necessary during this scan to gain a clearer view. If you require a female sonographer or a consultant, please speak to one of our advisors at the time of your booking. We will advise you that three follicle tracking scans will be needed for optimal results, this is subsequent scans over the same cycle; once we see the fluid-filled sacs, we will provide you with a full report to take back to your fertility doctor.

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Book now or email for more information about this scan; our team will be more than happy to discuss your specific needs and requirements. Whether you would like a follicle ultrasound scan to determine whether you are ready for an IVF cycle or natural conception, we can have scans performed at the right time of your cycle to find out if your body is ready.

If you would like to book an appointment, get in touch with our team here at Ultrasound Plus today. You can find an appointment at one of our clinics; you will find us in the following locations; London, Brentwood, Birmingham, Watford, Leicester, and Kingston upon Thames. We will take excellent care of you, and the procedure will be easy and painless.

only £110.00

(Includes booking deposit of £20)

Follicle Tracking Scan FAQs

There are no restrictions that you cannot eat or drink before your follicle tracking scan.
Your scan will be performed by one of our sonographers, who are qualified with diagnostic gynaecology ultrasound scanning experience and are accredited by either the Health Professional Council, The General Medical Council or Society of Radiographers and also work within the NHS alongside their role within Ultrasound Plus.
No, each scan is dependent on each individual’s examination. However, an internal investigation can provide clearer views and will be discussed with you by the Sonographer before proceeding with the internal examination and obtain your consent.
We advise that you wear something light, airy and baggy. Otherwise, you may need to change into a gown if necessary.
Please bring along your hospital notes (if you have been given them) and reports to assist out Sonographers if a referral is required.
Please note, our scans do not replace any of your NHS scans. During your appointment, in any event of a medical referral being required, we will discuss this with you and provide a full report for you to forward on to your health practitioner.
Yes, our services are a complementary service, which works alongside the NHS.
We advise all of our customers to advise their GP/Healthcare provider know of their intention to have a scan with us. On arrival at Ultrasound Plus we will ask you to complete a registration form, where your GP/Healthcare provider details will be requested. If from the follicle tracking scan there shows a need to contact or share any information regarding your scan, you are responsible for providing the report to your GP/Healthcare provider.
We will provide you with an invoice after you pay Ultrasound Plus directly for your follicle tracking scan. This can be used to make a claim with your insurance company, but this is between you and the insurance company. We would advise you check this prior to your scan to avoid disappointment.
We are happy for family and friends to attend and we are able to accommodate up to 5 people with the patient. Children are welcome too.

Follicle Ultrasound with Ultrasound Plus

Ultrasound Plus offers a comprehensive follicle ultrasound to assess ovarian reserve and antral follicle count. This procedure is used to diagnose and monitor polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) and ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS).

The follicle ultrasound is a non-invasive procedure that uses sound waves to create images of the ovaries. During the procedure, the technician will use a transducer to send sound waves into the abdomen. The sound waves will bounce off the ovaries and create an image on the monitor. The technician will then count the number of antral follicles present in each ovary.

The antral follicle count is an important indicator of ovarian reserve, which is the number of eggs available for fertilization. A low antral follicle count may indicate a decreased ovarian reserve, which can be caused by PCOS or OHSS. A high antral follicle count may indicate an increased ovarian reserve, which can be caused by PCOS or OHSS.

The follicle ultrasound is a safe and effective way to assess ovarian reserve and antral follicle count. It is important to note that the results of the follicle ultrasound are not definitive and should be used in conjunction with other tests to diagnose PCOS or OHSS.

Ultrasound Plus offers a comprehensive follicle ultrasound to assess ovarian reserve and antral follicle count. This procedure is safe, non-invasive, and can provide valuable information about the health of the ovaries.