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Call us to book on 0203 960 7960

Our lines are open everyday from
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In Vitro Fertilization—a miracle changing the future of reproductive technology

The introduction of In Vitro fertilization treatment was a landmark moment in the field of science and assisted reproductive technology. In the world of increasing infertility rate, IVF treatment is a miracle for many couples struggling to realize their dream of becoming parents. The clearest benefit of IVF treatment is the opportunity to conceive a healthy child of your own. IVF can convert the dream of parenthood into a reality which was not possible otherwise.

Where IVF treatment is the last resort of couples struggling to conceive, it is the best possible solution or couple dealing with infertility. With a proven track record of safe and successful deliveries, the IVF technology is advancing ever since its conception. Where IVF treatment accompanied by assisted reproductive technology is an effective way to increase your chances of getting pregnant, a plethora of factors affect the success rate.

One of the biggest factors affecting the effectiveness of IVF is the age, specifically the age of the female partner. Another factor to consider is medical history. Opting for IVF treatment might not be a good idea if you suffer from certain medical conditions. So, before you go from this treatment, it is important to discuss things out with your doctor.

Here is a quick review of facts and benefits which make IVF treatment a miracle of medical sciences and reproductive technology:

  • IVF—hope in the distress of infertility:

The modern technology industry is packed with tons of infertility treatments and surgical procedures. Where many procedures don’t guarantee successful results, IVF brings hope to the distressed couple. From easing the struggles and hassles of inability to conceive to severe infertility issues, IVF can easily circumvent such issues.

  • IVF—a way out of potential abnormalities:  

As per the typical perception, IVF treatment is the solution for infertility. While on the other hand, numerous couples undergo surgery to avoid transmitting the genetic disorder and abnormalities to their children and the next generation. Preimplantation Genetic Screening (PGS) testing gives a detailed report about the presence of any chromosome carrying abnormal genes. The screening process monitors and checks the health of the embryo through DNA sequencing. The procedure is performed to ensure optimal success rate and successful delivery of a completely healthy baby.

  • IVF—a way to avoid miscarriages:

The genetic abnormality is one of the most common causes of miscarriages. Such abnormalities not only cause the body to terminate the baby naturally, but it also makes it challenging for the female partner to conceive a healthy baby. The Genetic Screening technology not only lets you know about the possible abnormal genes, but it also determines the viability of a healthy and well-developed embryo so that the mother can enjoy stress-free and easy pregnancy. Clinics such as UltraSound Plus can be trusted with IVF treatments.

  • IVF—an answer to possible fertilization problems:

Unexplained infertility is another reason why several couples are unable to experience the joys of parenthood. The causes of such infertility are discovered only when fertilization is performed in a medical laboratory. The results could both be disappointing and relieving depending on the reports. However, the best part is that once the causes are explained and discovered, the couple could reach a possible solution for future treatments.

Final thoughts

Just like any other technology or scientific discovery, IVF treatment presents a whole different set of challenges and difficulties. Considering the outstanding results and success rate, the advantages of IVF outweighs the challenge. The treatment continues to provide millions of people with pleasure of parenthood, thus further improving the success rate and opening up new avenues for future advancements.