IVF Journey
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Your IVF Journey

Your IVF journey starts with a simple consultation ends with the possibility of a miraculous new life entering your life. While the IVF process can sometimes be challenging, it will all seem worth it in the end.



At the start of your IVF journey, you will attend a consultation at one of our IVF Plus clinics with our Fertility Specialist. Here, we will discuss and review your medical history and you will complete a medical questionnaire.

Screening & Ultrasound Scan

Following your initial consultation, you will be screened and you’ll have your first ultrasound scan. Both of these procedures are a routine check that allows us to identify any problems prior to beginning your treatment. The Consultant may recommend a number of tests and investigations to look at your ovarian function, sperm assessment and hormone levels. If you have had recent IVF treatment and some tests have already been performed, please bring them along to your appointment.

Treatment Information Appointment

The Consultant will explain the results from your ultrasound, the semen analysis and blood tests. We will then provide you with your individualised treatment options and counsel on any risks or side effects. If further tests are required to confirm your diagnosis and appropriate treatment, we'll arrange these for you. We'll also talk you through what support is available for you and the next steps should you wish to have treatment at IVF Plus and answer any questions you might have at this stage.

Once the decision has been made to proceed, medication will be prescribed (if necessary) to stimulate your ovaries. The Consultant will show and teach you how to inject the medication and the period of days to do so.

Cycle Monitoring/Ultrasound Scan

During your period of stimulation we will perform monitoring scans and blood tests to assess your response to the treatment. Once this process has been completed we will obtain instructions from Iakentro IVF clinic of when you may need to travel to Greece for your final journey of your IVF treatment

Egg Collection & Semen Collection

Egg collection does not require general anaesthesia. The anaesthesiologist administers a mild anaesthetic intravenously, and the gynaecologist administers local anaesthesia with xylocaine in the cervical area. Eggs are retrieved transvaginaly using a vaginal probe of an ultrasound equipped with guide through which passes a special egg retrieval needle. The semen sample is collected on the same day of egg retrieval.

Embryo Development

Our Embryologist will inseminate your eggs with your partner’s sperm and will then be fertilised in the laboratory at Iakentro Clinic. The fertilisation and embryos are closely monitored by our Embryologist team to ensure that the embryos are growing.

Embryo Transfer

After egg collection, depending on each individual case, the embryo/s will be ready to be transferred into the uterus. This procedure does not require sedation. Any unused quality embryos may be stored for future ivf treatments.

Pregnancy Outcome

After two weeks from transfer, a pregnancy test may be performed. A pregnancy scan after 6 weeks would be recommended. At this point if all seems ok we will discharge you and forward you to your GP for further management and antenatal care.