IVF Treatments
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IVF Treatments

Our IVF treatments are designed to offer you the best chance of conceiving a child if you are struggling or unable to do so naturally. We offer both natural and stimulated IVF treatments as well as egg, sperm and embryo donation services. If you or your partner are experiencing fertility problems – we can help.

All of our IVF treatments are carried out by qualified medical professionals, and take place in a combination of our UK clinics and our partner clinics in Greece (IAKENTRO). If you have any questions about the IVF treatments we offer, please contact us.

IVF Treatment Packages Starting from £1350

IVF Treatments

Natural IVF

A non-hormonal IFV treatment option

Natural IVF treatment is ideal for women who have a normal menstrual cycle and who produce mature, healthy eggs without medical assistance. This method is favoured by women who don’t want to introduce additional hormones to their bodies and can be incredibly cost-effective if it is successful first time.

IVF Treatments

Stimulated IVF

A hormonal IVF treatment option

Stimulated IVF treatment uses medication to increase a patient’s chances of conceiving a child. This method of IVF treatment is perfect for women who are unsure if natural IVF treatment will be successful for them, and for women who feel comfortable introducing hormones into their bodies to improve their chances of a successful pregnancy.

IVF Treatments

Egg Donation

Donate and receive healthy eggs

Our egg donation service allows eligible women to donate, or receive donated eggs. Eligible donors undergo an IVF procedure to have a number of eggs collected. These donated eggs can then be adopted by women who can’t conceive using their own eggs, to give them a chance at pregnancy.

IVF Treatments

Sperm Donation

Anonymous sperm donation

Donating sperm allows couples or individuals who are struggling to conceive naturally the opportunity to have a child. To be an eligible candidate for donation, individuals must pass a series of medical tests including tests for HIV and cystic fibrosis.

IVF Treatments

Embryo Donation

Donation and adoption of embryos

Our embryo donation service offers a unique opportunity for individuals or couples to donate or adopt healthy embryos. Either donated embryos, or surplus embryos from another patient’s IVF cycle, can be adopted to give patients who are struggling to conceive, the chance to have a child.