Musculoskeletal Hip or Upper Thig
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Musculoskeletal Hip or Upper Leg

If you are suffering from hip or upper leg discomfort, Ultrasound Plus can offer you a private MSK scan. This service will be carried out by professional sonographers with the help of advanced apparatus that is designed for this purpose. Our prices start from £110 to help you reach a diagnosis. 


We are facilitated to carry out a range of ultrasound services, providing details of each individual category. It is our goal to make the entire process simple and navigational for our clients.

What can a hip or leg scan identify?

Our MSK scans on the hip and upper leg can identify a variety of conditions and diagnoses, such as:

Despite the fact that our team can provide you with an accurate diagnosis, it is always recommended that you get your results verified by your GP. We will provide you with a breakdown of your results; however, it is down to you to pass this information on. 

from £110.00

(Includes booking deposit of £30)

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Non-invasive hip or upper leg ultrasound

Pain or discomfort during an MSK scan does
not need to be of concern since the whole procedure is non-invasive. A detailed image of soft tissue is created via sound waves. 

All you will feel is gel being applied to the affected area. 

How long does a upper leg or hip scan take?

Usually, an MSK scan on the hip or upper leg will take no longer than 20 minutes. 

Who can have an MSK scan on the hip?

If you are over the age of 18, you qualify for our MSK services. Although a GP referral is not essential for this, you are always encouraged to make your intention to attend a private ultrasound scan known to your GP. On top of this, it is always recommended that you notify your GP of your results. 

How much is a private musculoskeletal ultrasound on the upper leg or hip?

A hip or leg ultrasound costs at least £110 from Ultrasound Plus. You can check with your private healthcare insurer about whether this is covered under your plan. Although, you should always have the means of paying for this service ahead of booking your appointment. 

Book an upper leg or hip ultrasound scan

Booking into one of our clinics couldn’t be easier; you can arrange an appointment via our website or over the phone. Simply call us on 020 3960 7960 in regard to appointments or additional information about our services. You can find us in London, Brentwood, Watford, Birmingham, Leicester, and Kingston upon Thames.

Ultrasound FAQs

Yes, you can eat or drink before your scan.
All of our sonographers are qualified with diagnostic musculoskeletal ultrasound scanning experience and are accredited by either the Health Professional Council, The General Medical Council or Society of Radiographers and also work within the NHS alongside their role within Ultrasound Plus.
We advise that you wear something light, airy and baggy. Otherwise, you may need to change into a gown if necessary.
Please bring along your hospital notes (if you have been given them) and reports to assist out Sonographers if a referral is required.
Please note, our scans do not replace any of your NHS scans. During your appointment, in any event of a medical referral being required, we will discuss this with you and provide a full report for you to forward on to your health practitioner.
Yes, our services are a complementary service, which works alongside the NHS.
We advise all of our customers to advise their GP/Healthcare provider know of their intention to have a scan with us. On arrival at Ultrasound Plus we will ask you to complete a registration form, where your GP/Healthcare provider details will be requested. If from the kidney, ureters & bladder scan there shows a need to contact or share any information regarding your scan, you are responsible for providing the report to your GP/Healthcare provider.